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New York history dates back to 16th century. New York was founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch East India Company in 1624. The settlement was called New Amsterdam until 1664 when the colony came under British control.

England seized the land in 1664 and changed its name to New York and introduced jury trials and a permanent court system. The settlement, which had grown to 1,500 people, contained a city hall, a church, a canal (later Broad Street), a wall (Wall Street), a main street (Broadway), and about 300 houses. Read more

New York weather
The weather in New York City is standard four-season weather. It’s the basic four seasons. It’s warm with a slight chill during the fall, cold in the winter, nice in the spring, and humid in the summer. Winter is moderately cold, 35 to 48 degrees Celsius. Summers range from 65 to 85 degrees Celsius. Not too much rain or too many storms. Read more

          Except for a small amount of lumbering, once an important industry in the area, tourism is the main commercial activity. More than half of the area in fact, has been preserved in its natural state The Adirondack State park, one of the biggest nature preserves of the nation. Read more

          The tourists may sail on Lake George or Lake Champlain, or take a long boat through the deep rocky gorge of Ausable Chasm, or visit Fort Ticonderoga of Revolutionary war fame.  To the northwest they may drive along the St.Lawrence river with its Thousand Islands. In the winter they may come to Ski at Tupper lake, Lake Placid and other winter resorts. Read more

New York maps
Here you can checkout Street maps of cities in New York; New York Highway road Map and main landmarks in New York City.

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