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AMAZON SHOPPING - an overview on buying books in amazon store

Amazon Shopping for all National bestsellers, bargain books, and all fiction and nonfiction titles at incredible prices on Buy now

Amazon have a wide range of books in all possible topics and even more than you can imagine. They have thousands and thousands of books in their list and those books can be purchased in online, even the books yet to get released can be preordered in this site.

The stores of Amazon consists of the following departments; Home & Garden, Office Products & Supplies, Electronics, Books, Health & Personal Care, Software, Toys & Games, natural products and even other 15+ departments. Buy now

All of the books put up on this site can be purchased through They have their stores all over the New York and some of the other international sites of Amazon are Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, and China.

The kind of books varies from guides for travelers, cooking etc…, romantic books, personality development books, text books, children books, poetry books and books about major places and even more Buy now

Some of the Business Programs offered by the Amazon stores are; Sell on Amazon (where you can sell your used books), Advertise your materials in this site, Developer Services and Self-Publish your books with them.






amazon shopping

A new Inc. site is showcasing its items in a multimedia setting.

The online retailer quietly rolled out in mid-September, and is updating the site each Tuesday with new, best-selling and hand-picked products. Buy now

With the help of this site you can window shop the product as like a real shopping but with a greater ease.

Windowshop includes music, books, video games and movies. You can zoom in on a product to see or hear related content, like a video clip of the movie "Kung Fu Panda" or an audio review of the book "The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled it." Buy now

Beyond the stand-alone Windowshop site, Amazon is using Windowshop's technology and aesthetics to showcase popular holiday toys and kid-friendly video games and DVDs on a section of the main Amazon site. Manolis said other types of products, such as shoes and apparel, could get featured in the Windowshop style as well.


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