Travel Tips for New York Travellers

Travel Tips for Packing before you travel:

Pack as if you were coming back in one week. Here are the bare essentials. listed in order of importance

1. One week of clothing appropriate to the season, including one semiformal shirt and pairs of pants or skirt for customs.Think T-Shirts, one pair of shorts, and a multipurpose pair of jeans.

2.Backup photocopies or scanned copies of all important documents: health insurance, passport/Visa, Credit cards, debit cards, etc.

3. Debit crads, credit cards, and $200 worth of small bills in local currency (traveler's checks are not accepted in most places and are a hassle)

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4.Small cable bike lock for securing luggage while in transit or in hostels; a small padlock for lockers if needed.

5.Electronic dictionaries for target languages (book versions are too slow to be of use in conversation) and small grammar guides or texts

6. One broad-strokes travel guide.

That's it. To laptop or not to laptop? Unless you are a writer, I love no. It's far too cumbersome and distracting. Using GoToMyPC to access your home computer from internet cafes encourages the habbit we want to develop: making the best use of time instead of killing it.

Travel Tips with Tools and Tricks

1. Universal Currency Converter:

Before you get caught up in the excitement and forget that five British pounds does not equal five U.S dollars, use this to translate local costs into numbers you understand. Try not to have too man many "Those coins are each worth four dollars?" moments.

2. Universal Plug Adapter :

Carrying bulky cables and connectors is irritating - get a Travel Smart all-in one adapter with surge protection. The size of a pack of cards folded in half, it is an adapter that i've used everywhere without problems. Note that it is an adapter(helps you plug things in), but it is not a transformer. If the foreign wall outlet has twice as much voltage as in United States, your gadgets will self-destruct. Yet another reason to purchase necessities abroad instead of taking them all with you.

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3. GPS Navigation Systems

If you are driving from different parts of United States and planning to Stay long after landing in New York please better take or buy GPS Navigation System which will of great help when you are new to United States. If you are planing to buy after landing in New York then buy it from Wholesale Dealers like theNerds.

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4. World Electric Guide (

Figure out outlets, Volatege, mobile phones, international dilaing codes, and all sorts of things related to electric mismatching worldwide.

5. Internet Fax in email: when your are away open an accout in callwave to get your Fax in email.

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5. Travel Emergency for Car - Have Fog Lights fitted in your Car. If you are travelling long. As we cannot predict the climatic conditions.So fit fog lights in your car to see the road better, and be sure other vehicles see you. Fog lights make driving safer in low-visibility situations. More details click here

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Travel Tips on arrival for long term visitors to New York:

First morning and afternoon after check-in. Take a hop-on-hop-off bus tour of the city followed by a bike tour of potential apartment neighborhoods.

First late afternoon or evening: Purchase an unlocked cell phone with a SIM card that can be recharged with simple prepaid cards. E-mail apartment owners or brokers on and online versions of local newspapers for viewings over the next two days. Now you have option of renting a mobile in New york with free incoming calls, Free Shipping and free renting.For your cell phone rental needs for that upcoming trip.

Second and thirds days: Find and book an apartment for one month. Don't commit to more than one month until you've slept there.I once prepaid two months only to find that busiest bus stop downtown was on the other side of my bedrrom wall.

Move-in day Get settled and purchase local health insurance. Ask hostels owners and other locals what insurance they use. Resolve not to buy souvenirs or other take home items until two weeks prior to departure.

One Week later Eliminate all the extra crap you brought but won't use often. Either give it to someone who needs it more, mail it back to your own country, or throw it out.

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Prepare your Travel Tools

Travel Tips Page of suggests few tools for your travel from our partner websites which you can buy online.

Travel Tool 1:

Product Name :

Macally Universal Power Plug Adapter

Marketing Information:

Easy to use power adapters keep you connected wherever you go Works with USA, UK, europe, Australia etc., over 150 countries All in one portable design with no separate adapters to carry Built-in circuit protection Portable design that is compact and lightweight. Price: $17.99

Product Type: AC Adapter

Power Description
Input Voltage: 220V AC
Frequency: 60Hz

Travel Tool 2 (as a Most important Travel Tips)

Manufacturer : Garmin, Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number: 010-00576-10
Brand Name: Garmin

Product Model: 265T
Product Name: nüvi 265T Automobile Navigator
Marketing Information:

Packed with features at a price that fits any budget, nüvi 265T takes you there with preloaded maps and turn-by-turn directions that call out streets by name. It adds lifetime traffic and hands-free calling to the popular nüvi 255, simplifying life on the go. Like the rest of the nüvi 205-series, this portable navigator is priced right and ultra-easy to use.

Product Type Automobile Navigator

Price : 208.54 US$

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We are in process of adding More Travel Tips for the comfort of your travel.

Auto Accessories

Travel Tool 3 (second Most important Travel Tips)

When you are travelling in your own car. Be prepared for few car accessories which are most important which will save your life.

1. Towing Mirrors:

Replace your damaged side view mirrors at a fraction of dealers' prices, or upgrade with a set of paintable, flashing, custom mirrors.

When you need a wider view with that trailer in-tow, pick CIPA's Universal Towing Mirror. It mounts to your stock mirror in a jiff, giving you a fully adjustable way to keep an eye on that vessel or camper. No tools required. 1-year warranty. Read More

Towing Mirror

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2. Fog Lights:

Before 1 week of your travel check the conditions of your fog lights or fit one before your travel to new york.

I seriously recommend to fit one if your is does not have which will cause you from $35 - $200 of different types.

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3. Break Controller:

Fit Break Controller in your travelling car for smart electric brake controller to apply the right amount of force to match your pedal, and these Proportional Brake Controllers by Tekonsha are the Einsteins of braking. Pick from Prodigy or Voyager Tekonsha brake controllers—both electric brake controllers work with up to 4 axles and have Lifetime Warranties


* For the surest stopping power under any conditions, arm your rig with a Proportional Brake Controller * Equipped with an array of sophisticated sensors, it measures your vehicle's deceleration rate and applies an equal amount of stopping power to your trailer's brake system * Your Proportional Brake Controller delivers smooth, fast and safe stops for heavy loads and emergency halts * Uses 2 separate power delivery controls for normal stop-and-go towing and urgent braking * Available in 2 models for control of trailers with up to 4 axles * Your Proportional Brake Controller comes with all necessary mounting hardware (wiring sold separately) * Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship


Life would be difficult if your right hand never knew what the left was doing. Rebuilding a carburetor, nailing up a shelf, or even eating a burger would cause untold problems. But, when they work together, your hands can conquer any challenge. The same is true of your rig and trailer's brakes-the simply stop better when working together. Bridge the gap between your braking systems with a Proportional Brake Controller.

The brain inside your Proportional Brake Controller is highly advanced. Its cutting-edge instruments sense your vehicle's rate of slowing and apply an equal rate of braking to the trailer. This unison ensures incredibly smooth, regular and safe halts every time.

From heavyweight horse trailers to colossal RVs, your Proportional Brake Controller stops `em all. Your choice of 2 models. Each comes with all necessary mounting hardware. And, a 1-year warranty.

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4 out of 5.

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Leather Tot Bag

As a Travel Tips for Women..Buy safe travel bag on Wholesale Price.

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