Travel to New York City

Travel to New York:

Many international airlines have direct flights to New York. The city is also very well served by charter and domestic services. Price wars between airlines have reduced fares, and domestic flights now prove a viable alternative to buses and trains; group tour package prices are often unbeatable.

The QM2 is one of several cruise ships that dock in the city. Long-distance trains serving New York are clean and comfortable, and interstate and long distance buses usually have air-conditioning, video screens, and on-board toilets.

Travel to New York by Air Travel

New York can be reached by air direct from most major cities. The flight from London takes about eight hours. However, there are no direct flights from Australia or New Zealand. Instead, the airlines fly to the West Coast or Asia, which takes around 10-14 hours, land, refuel and then continue on to the new york.

Among the main carriers to New York are Air Canada, Delta, Continental, British Airways, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic. and United Airlines. All international flights arrive at Newark or JFK airports. Click Here to know more about JFK Airport.

APEX(Adavance Purchase Excursion) tickets for the scheduled airlines are usually the cheapest return fares apart form the package tours. But they must be bought in advance and are valid for stay of 7 to 30 days. Some airlines offer cheaper cheaper fares if you limit your stay to specified peiods. Senior citizens may also receive discounts on some flights.

AirLine Numbers

Air Canada Tel (888) 247-2262

American Airlines Tel(800) 433 - 7300

British Airways Tel (800) Airways

Continental Tel(800)231-0856

Delta Tel (800) 241 - 4141

Qantas Tel (800) 227 - 4500

United Airlines Tel (800) 241 - 6522

Virgin Atlantic Tel (800) 862 - 8621

Ocean Travel

New York is a regular port of call for many cruise liners, in addition to the QM2, which docks there, via South-ampton, 25 times a year. You can also take the QM2 from New York to Australia and New Zealand. Ships dock at the Hudson River piers in midtown Manhatten.

Travel to New York - Long Distance Buses

All long-distance buses such as Greyhound Lines arrive in the city at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Buses from here also connect with the three airports. With over 6,000 buses arriving and leaving and carrying some 172,000 passengers, the atmosphere is chaotic. Many hotels are also accessible directly from the terminal.

Useful information Greyhound Bus Lines Tel (800) 231 - 2222. (24 Hrs).

Buy your tickets early and save!

Travel between New York City and Buffalo or Rochester, NY for $46 one-way or $98 round trip when you buy your ticket at least 14 days in advance.

Travel between New York City and Syracuse, NY for $45 one-way or $90 round trip when you buy your ticket at least 14 days in advance.

Port Authority Bus Terminal. W 40th St and Eight Ave Map 8 D1. Tel (212) 564 - 8484 (24 hrs).

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